Beta Club Induction Ceremony

Good afternoon Discovery family. I hope that everyone is well. Below are this week's announcements.

Students in first semester Math 1, Math 3, or English 2 will be taking their Case 21 Assessments this week in class. These assessments will help teachers gauge what they need to focus on between now and when the students take their EOC test in December.

Teacher made final exams will be given in class during the week of December 6th. Students in first semester EOC classes will take their EOC test the week of December 13th. 

We were able to recognize last year's Beta Club inductees along with this year's group during a ceremony on Friday. Thanks to Ms. Arditti and the Beta Club officers on putting together a terrific ceremony!

On Friday November 19th, we will hold our traditional Thanksgiving feast. Due to COVID, we were not able to do this last year. Freshmen and Sophomores, you are in for a real treat!

Here are the Character Awards for this week.

Take care and as always, let us know if there is anything you need.