Good afternoon Discovery family. I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend. Below are the announcements for this week.

As temperatures are getting warmer, please make note of our dress code below which can also be found on page 9 of our Student/Parent Handbook.

As a part of our Durkheim Dictate, students should always wear clothing appropriate to our school and environment. When clothing becomes a distraction to instruction or disruption, it is highly likely it is not appropriate for Discovery High School. Here is a list of expectations regarding clothing for all Discovery High School students.

*Wear shoes at all times. This is a necessity for safety reasons.

*Clothing with obscene or questionable messages (including but not limited to profanity; lewd, vulgar, or suggestive remarks or pictures, etc.) should not be worn.

*Also refrain from wearing clothing that displays drugs and/or drug paraphernalia, alcoholic beverages, smoking or tobacco products.

*Students please wear shirts that cover the chest and stomach. Also, please keep your shoulders adequately covered.

*Shorts and skirts should be of adequate length.

*Students must wear pants that cover all undergarments.

*Articles of clothing, which are offensive to race, creed, color, or sex will not be permitted.

Afternoon traffic is becoming a safety concern as well. Parents should come north on North Ashe Ave and turn right onto West 18th Street next to the school. Parents will then pick up there students on the sidewalk outside the gym and exit West 18th Street on Main Ave.

Beta Club is doing an Animal Toy & Food Drive that will last until April 6th. All the collections will be donated to an animal shelter.

The Donations can include canned food for dogs and cats, treat bags, toys for pets and food bags, to name a few things. Students can now get community service hours for donating these items.

3 Canned Items = 1 hour

2 treat / food bags = 1 hour

3 toys = 1 hour

Students will need to put their name and what they brought in a paper located in front of the volunteer board. All the donations will be placed in the boxes located there as well.

Our Spring BBQ will be Friday March 31st. Please make note of the following items:

*Remote order form (or email Ms. Kellogg at

*Students can not buy a plate the day of until after 1:30. They must purchase ahead of time

*Delivery available for orders of 5 or more plates

Our Junior/Senior Prom will be Saturday April 1st. Juniors and Seniors should refer to the information that has been sent out by Ms. Ward.

Spring Break is April 7th-16th.

Here are the Character Awards for this week.

We look forward to a wonderful week. Take care and as always, please reach out if there is anything you need.