Good afternoon Discovery family. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Below are the announcements for this week.

Students and parents, we have had several false 911 calls coming from student cell phones at the school over the past couple of weeks. This can result in charges being pressed if this continues as police officers will begin investigating these false calls. No one should tie up 911 lines unless there is an emergency.

Student senate is sponsoring a Spirit Week this week as we culminate with the Championship Game of our March Madness on Thursday during Community.

Monday (3/20) - Dress Up as Your Favorite Holiday

Tuesday (3/21) - Zoom Outfit Day

Business up top, casual on the bottom.

Wednesday (3/22) - Bikers vs. Surfers

Teen Beach Movie IRL. Choose a side: leather or leis.

Thursday (3/23) GAME DAY - Grade Level Color Wars

Freshmen - Purple

Sophomores - Red

Juniors - Pink

Seniors - Black

Friday (3/24) - Adam Sandler Day

Dress up as multi-award-winning comedian, Adam Sandler for the day!

Congratulations to Ms. Nicholson and our Science Olympiad team on their showing at CVCC. The following are the results from the competition.

Jonathan Ebel - 1st place JV - Bottle Rocket

Nadia Krueger and Bennett Tepper - 2nd place Varsity - Write It, Do It

Suha Koilakh - 3rd place Varsity - Remote Sensing & Anatomy & Physiology

Kehan Wang and Ryan Dant - 3rd place Varsity - Chemistry Lab

Shelby Trew - 4th place Varsity - Astronomy

Bennett Tepper and Noah Cline - 4th place Varsity - Codebusters

Our spring BBQ will be on Friday March 31st. Here is the link that you should use to place orders remotely.

Here are the Character Awards for this week.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week. Take care.