Good afternoon Discovery family. I hope that everyone is well. Below are the announcements for this week.

The following is the testing schedule for this week.

Monday December 19th (2nd Period)

Crosson & Ward-English 2 EOC

Kellogg-1st & 2nd period PreAP Calc

Tuesday December 20th (3rd Period)

Amerto-Math 3 EOC

Amerto-Math 2 (Barham will give this exam)

Isaac-Beg. Theater Arts

Kellogg-1st & 3rd period Math 4 & PreCal

Juniors here making up Biology work and then ACT prep (Whitener will feed them)

Wednesday December 21st (4th Period)

Isaac-Beg. Theater Arts

Ward-Spanish 1

Thursday December 22nd

Make-up Testing

Students, who are testing, remember to arrive by 7:40. Those taking an EOC test need to be sure to charge your chromebook the night before and bring it with you for testing. Mr. Crosson's English 2 students will test in the media center tomorrow and Ms. Ward's English 2 students will test in Room 2 (room across from Ms. Kellogg).

Parents, as a reminder of our drop off and pick up procedures: students should be dropped off by the sidewalk next to the gym and then exit out 18th street out by Hwy 16/Main St. Parents should not pull into the circle next to the gym or the student parking lot. Please help us keep our students safe by following this procedure.

Students, I have had several teachers talk with me about cheating that is going on. Remember our Pinocchio Norm which says: "... students will be as genuinely honest and open with the staff and other students around them as they can. This norm should be displayed by being honest to yourself when completing assignments, tasks, and reaching out when you need it." Colleges and universities have an honor code which does not permit cheating and in many cases, students can be kicked out of school for cheating.

Here are the Character Awards for this week.

I hope that everyone finishes the semester strong by doing well on their final exams. Take care and remember #What'sGood!