Costume Contest during Community

Good afternoon Discovery family. Today was a wonderful day during Community as the students participated in a costume contest. I am always impressed with the talent of our students as many of the costumes were handmade.

The upcoming week is a pretty normal and quiet week for us. I would remind everyone that school starts at 7:40 each morning. Students should be in their first period class at that time.

If first quarter was any indication of how fast second quarter is going to move, then it's going to fly by. With that in mind, students, please be sure to focus on time management. Use your class time wisely and be sure to work on the assignments for the class that you are seated in during each period. Come up with an afternoon/evening schedule to dedicate time to school work to help ensure that you don't fall behind. If you need help with possible strategies for this, please reach out to me or Ms. Arditti.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend. Take care.