Good afternoon Discovery family. Below are some additional announcements for this week.

If your student is absent, please notify the school as to the reason. If it is COVID related, we have to notify our school nurse so he can conduct contact tracing.

DHS Senate will be sponsoring a spirit week from 10/25 to 10/29, excluding 10/26 due to the PreACT and CCRA. Students and staff are encouraged to dress up during these days to show school spirit! 

The spirit week themes are as follows:
Monday 10/25 - Monochrome Monday
Tuesday 10/26 - Regular 
Wednesday 10/27 - Decade Day 
Thursday 10/28 - Tourist Day
Friday 10/29 - Halloween Costume Day 
We ask that students and staff keep costumes school-appropriate and not include prop weapons with their costumes.

We will be having make up pictures for our underclassmen on Thursday October 21st for any freshmen, sophomore, or junior who missed picture day earlier in the year. Please see the attachment for more information. Here is a copy of the order form.

Take care.