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Discovery High School Science Olympiad Team Places in Regional Competition

Discovery High School would like to recognize and congratulate our Science Olympiad Team for their performance Saturday. The JV Team took 2nd Place Overall and the Varsity Team took 3rd Place Overall. Here's a list of individual winners:
Event medalists - JV:
1st place - Disease Detectives
Gezell Alberto, Mia Macon
2nd place - Thermodynamics
Anna Carmona, Maria Adame
2nd place - Write it, Do it
Grace Villar, Sydney Huffman
2nd place - Hovercraft
Alex Norman, Fletcher Hamlin
2nd place - Mission Possible
Alex Norman, Fletcher Hamlin
2nd place - Amazing Mechatronics
Luke Ryan, Andrew Meade
2nd place - Microbe Mission
Garrett Kurz, Mia Macon
1st place - Optics
Grace Villar, Sydney Huffman
2nd place - Helicopters
Locke Throneburg, Jonathan Arias
2nd place - Mousetrap Vehicle
Alex Norman, Fletcher Hamlin
2nd place - Anatomy and Physiology
Sam Klukas, Mia Macon
2nd place - Forensics
Maria Adame, Sydney Huffman
1st place - Fermi Questions
Garrett Kurz, Mya Shook
2nd place - Remote Sensing
Garrett Kurz, Grace Villar
Varsity - 3rd place overall
Event medalists - Varsity:
2nd place - Materials Science
Kaitlyn Stewart, Sarah Jane Harrell
5th place - Write it, Do it
Jillian Whitener, Lauren Whitener
2nd place - Hovercraft
Cooper Stephens, Holden Abernathy
2nd place - Astronomy
Dylan Snarr, Madelyn Stewart
2nd place - Herpatology
Jillian Whitener, Lauren Whitener
1st place - Optics
Kaitlyn Stewart, Steven Tagner
1st place - Mousetrap Vehicle
Cooper Stephens, Justin Toney
4th place - Dynamic Planet
Dylan Snarr, Leanne Nguyen
5th place - Fermi Questions
Justin Toney, Steven Tagner
4th place - Codebusters
Allie Ezell, Madelyn Stewart, Sara Watkins
3rd place - Ecology
Cari Tallent, Jillian Whitener